Spyder  was born somewhere, and then grew up. Along the way, Spyder went to a prestigious university where he learned about important things — like student loans — and where to drop the disc on Plinko.

Then Spyder lived in different cities & worked for different famous and important people. Then Spyder ended up where he is now. And this is where he does stuff.  Spyder has won a bunch of important and/or impressive awards for some of that stuff.

Spyder combines his love of sports and design with his award-winning photography to make modern, lifestyle portraits of people, places and things. His clients include ad agencies, magazine publishing companies, celebrities, non-profit organizations and conference athletic associations.
When Spyder isn’t writing about himself in the third person, Spyder likes to golf, eat ice cream with a fork, eat Tacos on Tuesday and has a burning passion for the Chicago Cubs, Bears, Blackhawks and the University of Kentucky Wildcats. Spyder hates cancer, cauliflower, broccoli, most things St. Louis (Cardinals &Blues) R.E.M. and comic sans font.

Spyder likes to take pictures. The end.